Steve Grace crosses Australia the hard way for a good cause


If you’re unfamiliar with Steve Grace let me paint a picture for you; his debut release in 1988 was entitled Children of the Western World and was certified Gold by the ARIA  charts and was the first Australian Christian music release to come out on CD. He has a huge heart for missions and working with people in the remotest parts of Australia and the world, with countless tours and shows in small communities.

Which is why his most recent album Nullarbor to Nashville is coinciding with a tour called Crossing Australia. Steve is jumping on a bike and riding from one end of Western Australia to QLD. Across the middle of the country. 5,000 km’s of mostly desert. On a motorbike.

The first question that comes to mind for most people is “why???”. Put simply – suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between 15 and 44. This is even more prevalent in rural and remote communities.

The tour kicks off on August 20th in Gerarldton and continues on the 21st in Denham, Western Australia. More dates will be added as the launch date gets closer. As most of the shows on the tour are free, Steve is relying on merch sales and donations to make it to the next destination. While this isn’t the normal way of funding a tour, it’s an important mission and a great way to help support communities experiencing high rates of suicide and depression.

Check out to find out more about it and get updates from Steve and the team. You can support the tour by jumping on his GoFundMe page or by getting his new album Nullarbor to Nashville on iTunes.

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