Mel Crothers releases new single “Jesus Lifted High”

Mel Crothers Faithful album cover. Image courtesy of TCM

TCM are reporting that Perth-based singer/songwriter Mel Crothers has released the third single from her second album Faithful to radio. Entitled Jesus Lifted High, it’s a soulful pop track, signified by the smooth pop intro which helps to allow Mel to demonstrate the full range of her vocal talent. The song is a powerful one, as it develops a worshipful ambiance as it builds towards the bridge and again towards the penultimate chorus.

Jesus Lifted High is an excellent track that demonstrates the full ability of Mel Crothers to create worship music that would be suitable both in a church and on the drive home from work. The album follows a similar path, with tracks such as In Your Presence and the title track Faithful having equal parts contemplative music and soulful worship.

Have a listen to the album in full below of if you would like a copy, it is available now on iTunes.

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