Your Weekly Wrap-Up of FEMF Artist Announcements


That Forest Edge line-up keeps getting bigger and bigger – in fact they are dropping announcements quicker than we’re able to keep up!

Joining the 9 artists already on the line-up, we now have singer-songwriters Andi Hillman and Riordan Stewart-McDougall being joined by indie rockers The Quick & the Dead, Running YoungICB and The Updraft Imperative. If that wasn’t enough for you, we have the trio of the Germein Sisters and acoustic duo  Mayfair Lane. Finally, we have the legendary Alabaster Box joining FEMF for 2017 as well!

Something tells me they’re not quite done yet, so jump on our Partylist and have a listen to something new – and remember if you REALLY love it, you can grab it on iTunes as well!

Forest Edge Music Festival, March 11-13
(click on links for iTunes)

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