Damascus Road release new EP ‘Hope’

Newcastle-based praise & worship band Damascus Road have released their newest EP entitled Hope. The 5-track EP explores the full range of musical skills within the group, commencing with the piano-driven opening titled track, featuring the Lela Children’s Choir.

It is followed-up by an acoustic-guitar driven track Lift Me Higher featuring Suz O’Toole on vocals, which is a soothing track which seems to get more complex as it builds towards the end. Open Our Eyes is a catchy track which brings in a broad range of instruments, from piano to acoustic guitar as well as violin and cello. Patrick Tappouras and Steph Jamieson’s vocals dance throughout this song, working in tandem at one stage, then breaking apart into a round before coming together again for the climax of the song around the 3 and a half minute mark.

The final two tracks are live tracks, with Lifted Up and Find Rest both delivering an atmospheric end to the 23 minute adventure that is Hope. If you’re a fan of Kings Kaleidoscope, you’ll get a real kick out of Damascus Road’s latest EP Hope, which is available now on iTunes.


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