The Quick & The Dead’s Front Man Rhys Opens Up About The New Album.


You know what I love the most about music, it can do so many things… It can mix up emotions and make you feel emotions you didn’t even know were there.   It can take the beauty of a chorus line and take you on a journey, or best of all, some simple words strung together can spark memories, both good and bad. A revelations of life perhaps. Music can really pull you in with embrace and make you feel you’re living and breathing the music… That’s what I love about music.


A band that really harnesses this and makes it their own is the band ” The Quick And The Dead”. And if you don’t know who “The Quick And The Dead” are, they are a band of southern rock brothers, literally! Two brothers, Rhys Duursma – (Drums & Vocals), Kai Duursma – (Guitar & Vocals) and one of their best friends, Isaac Goeby – (Bass & Vocals) make up the band. They came together to form a trio that really takes on their genre of southern rock and pushes it past the normal and set out to make you feel every note and every word.


A bit of back-story on the band is they are based out of a small Victorian town called Glenrowan. They grew up playing music together in many different forms. When Rhys started writing skeleton songs, it was a natural progression to take them to brother Kai and as-good-as brother, Isaac to put life into the ideas. In 2014, after an ever-increasing amount of performance opportunities, the trio partnered with Kane Audio to record their debut album.


They released the full-length album Hunger in 2014, which was followed by the live acoustic Folk’n’Flight EP in early 2015, with the third release of their self-titled second full length album being released this past week on September 1st.


On the eve of the release of their new album, I sat down with Rhys and had a chat about what they did for this album. What was different this time around?


“We actually didn’t record it at a studio, we recorded it entirely ourselves. We got the use of an old farmhouse and just kind of set up and lived there for two weeks. Just the three of us [the band], and just pretty much recorded everything. We finished up the vocals back at my house. Yeah, time flew, we just tried to do as much as we could at the farmhouse before having to come back to the reality of home, work and jobs…


This is the first album, well compared to the previous album and EP we did. Those two we pretty much recorded live. We recorded the instruments live and guitar (dubs), and then did the vocals later on, over the top. So this album was kind of different because we tracked everything, which is probably normal for everyone else but was different for us.”


Had any of the song meanings changed?


“The first single we released off the new album is called ‘Blacksmith’ and it’s talking about how God speaks through us, it’s kind of like a combination of ideas from the book of ‘Jeremiah’, how Jeremiah is talking to God, and God touches his lips with a coal and how it kind of like sets him apart to speak for him.


So I guess it’s a mix of a few more ideas but that’s the center of [the message] the song and the fact that we are kind of all in that place in the band right now with all that’s going on in our lives.


So the song uses a lot of ‘fire’ metaphors throughout, and comes back to the repetition of the chorus ‘we can breathe fire’”


What about the second single, Gone?


“Yer ‘Gone’ was the next song we released as a single. I wrote this one while I was working in a job that well let’s say, I didn’t enjoy and I felt I was wasting away day after day.


I always tend to look ahead and see if I’m doing the same thing for years and years with no change, I know it would drive me insane… I kind of like a bit of spontaneity in life … its not for everyone, but it is for me.


So that song was just written I guess, just a wake up to living each day. Make the most of every little opportunity and all that. “


The collaboration on the album really stands out, particularly when that rapper jumped on…


“There’s one track on there that we got a friend of ours called ‘River’ from a band called ‘Weather Permitting’ to be on. They’re based on the Gold Coast now, the track he’s on is called ‘Riddle’ and that was a lot of fun. We have played with their band a lot together in the past, in shows. Why I wanted to get him on the track and got the idea of ‘River’ to be on the track is he is a very deep thinker. his head when it comes to lyrics is like inception ha ha… So basically I just wrote the lyrics to ‘Riddle’ and its back meaning is based around ‘First Corinthians’. The verse that talks about how we can do miracles and we can do this and we can do that. But if we don’t have love then it’s all to waste….


So yeah I wrote that, but when I got ‘River’ involved it was interesting to see what he added to the lyrics or the ideas he had, his interpretation of the lyrics that I wrote. Even now I’m trying to process the lyrics we wrote, the deep meanings and message, but I don’t want to take that away, so you will just have to listen to the song on the album when it comes out… ha ha.


But I have to say, as a band, we don’t really collaborate with other artists much, but that was cool. To have a different point of view and his interpretation with the lyrics and singing on the track. I really thought it added something to the song, and is now one of my favorites. It’s a good listen… Check it out.


Take a listen, love it, and share it with your friends… It’s amazing musical artwork of a southern rock hoedown. But don’t take my word for it… Get the album today from iTunes.


Enjoy and God Bless


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