Head To The Water with Tuskk’s debut release

Sunshine Coast duo Tuskk have released their debut EP entitled To The Water. Made up of Rhiannon Mallet and Tamsyn Burness, the four track introduction is a blues-folk driven collection that dances its way through issues such truth, honesty, relationship and connections.

The opening track, which is also the title track, is a smooth beginning. The soft vocals and catchy guitar hook work well in partnership to set up the rest of the EP. It’s easy to see why this is the title track, as the chorus and bridge lull the listener in before bringing in the more upbeat Wild Heart, which shows off its country influences loud and proud. The opening riff is very reminiscent of early Sixpence None The Richer, with the rhythmic beat and reprise of “take off your disguise” staying with you long after the song has concluded.

Rhiannon Mallet and Tamsyn Burness. Picture courtesy of Tuskk Music Facebook page.

Play the Fool opens with another smooth guitar riff before taking you into a first-person story of a burgeoning relationship. With the bridge dancing onward and upward, the song sounds like it is building up to a crescendo, however the vocals slow it right down before finishing off with a fading guitar. A beautifully unexpected ending to what is possibly the highlight track of the release. Finishing off our introduction to Tuskk is Tin Man. A stripped-back vocal and acoustic guitar effort which shows the full extent of Tuskk’s musicianship. Slowly adding in a bass guitar and percussion as the song progresses is a nice touch, with an ending which leaves you thinking if there is more to go, or if the story of the song is really supposed to end at that point.

As a debut release, Rhiannon and Tamsyn have crafted an exceptional collection of four tracks that is designed to leave the audience wanting more. One can only hope there is plenty more to come from Tuskk, as I feel we are only scratching the surface of their musical repertoire.

To the Water is available now on iTunes.



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