Wolf + Willow release new single “Seaside”

Wolf and Willow, image courtesy of Wolf and Willow Facebook page.

Melbourne based indie/folk duo Wolf and Willow have released a new single available exclusively on Triple J Unearthed. The single is entitled Seaside and it is more stripped back than their previous single Chase the Sun.

Commencing with a few strums of an acoustic guitar, Seaside quickly adds a faint percussion and piano section as it steps into into a roots-influenced chorus. The instrumentality is amazing, as the guitar intersects with the piano, alternating throughout the verses and chorus.

The lyrics on love and allude to marriage, this is well and truly a song for the sweethearts. It’s only a matter of time before someone walks down the aisle to Tim’s soft, alluring vocals.

As they release second single, we learn just a bit more about Wolf and Willow and get to see a bit more into their musicality. Their debut EP Born to Be is due to release at the end of October, and honestly – we can’t wait.

Check out Seaside below courtesy of Triple J Unearthed:


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