New single by Available At The Counter “Not What I Ordered”

Hailing from Albany, Western Australia is Available at the Counter who have just released their newest single entitled Not What I Ordered. A Blink 182-inspired piece of pop punk genius, the song is high-energy and everything you would hope to hear from such a pun-worthy song title/band name combo.

Not What I Ordered delivers a couple of shout-outs to the town of Albany as well, with parts of the clip filmed alongside the beach and lookout. It works well with the chorus describing the weather in the town – but with a song structure the way it is, almost any set of lyrics could work.

It’s very easy to see this song being a huge hit live – the riffs leading into the final chorus will inspire some serious moshpit bounce. Here’s hoping we hear a lot more from Available At The Counter, as this is the kind of pop-punk that has been missing from the Australian scene for a long time.

Watch for news about their second album coming out soon, but in the meantime you can grab their debut album “Hello Reality” off iTunes.

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