Emma Mullings teaches us how to Dream Again

emmamullings02Hailing from Sydney is pop singer Emma Mullings. You might already know her as the voice of Sydney’s HOPE FM from 9am – 1pm, and her face has a ringing familiarity to it, as she is the voice of the What’s New? advertisements on Australian TV. It’s a sign of someone who us pursuing their dreams in the Australian media landscape, and now she is breaking into the world of music.

Emma has released the second single from her forthcoming EP. Entitled Dream Again, the single is a pop-driven instant hit. With a light percussion opening with Emma’s vocals sitting on the top of a distorted guitar strum before giving us a teaser into her vocal range with the chorus. The second verse is akin to the first, but the second chorus gives us what the first promised – a strong, catchy pump, with the bridge leading into a powerful final chorus and reprise.

This is the kind of track that you could see a crowd jumping and moving to. Something not out of place on the radio, but potentially an awesome track to see performed live as well.
Emma’s debut EP Skinny Roads is available for pre-order now on iTunes. It is released October 25th.

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