Those Who Endure encounter The Sweetest Poison

sweetest-poison-coverSoutheast Queensland metal act Those Who Endure have released a new single entitled The Sweetest Poison. The progressive black metal band deliver a 10 minute track of pure, unadulterated metal.

The opening of the track divides your attention – powerful vocals working in tandem with crunching guitars, giving you a sharp awakening as to the full force of Those Who Endure‘s sound.

Things get really intense around the 3 minute mark, with the cry “This is insidious” coming before launching into a Parkway Drive inspired metalcore breakdown. Less than a minute later, the song transverses into a deep guttural tone, with the beat switching and entering into a beat and rhythm that is more akin to a band like Impending Doom. By the time the sixth minute hits, you could be mistaken for thinking you had switched into a Demon Hunter song as the guitars take over and slow weepy riffs play over the top of a thumping bass.

If you’re into the heavy side of things, then you’re going to love this – unlike other bands who try to merge a whole bunch of styles together, Those Who Endure do it well. The seamless transition through genres combined with top notch production gives the song an edge over the many, many, others out there. This is The Sweetest Poison – it’s left us wanting more.

The Sweetest Poison is available now for pre-order via Bandcamp for $2, including an additional song called Unravel These Fibres.

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