Vita Adam Owns It in her new single

vitaadam01Gold Coast-based singer Vita Adam has released her newest single. Entitled Own It, the song is a far departure from her previous releases. With a more urban inspired beat, breakdancing featured throughout and a more diverse range of vocals, Vita has produced 3 minutes and 45 seconds of pop gold.

Perhaps the most striking thing in the video is the choreography supplied by the team at MnB Entertainment. The way Vita and her posse of dancers pull of those flawless timing of moves is testament to the work and effort put in to all those involved. Musically, the beat is reminiscent of the kind of beats you’d hear from the Pussycat Dolls and J-Lo, but the lyrics are significantly different.

Clearly focused on empowerment and taking responsibility, the song’s message goes hand-in-hand with the video. Vita’s brief foray into rap during the verses and followed up with a powerful bridge help to keep the lyrics repeating in your brain long after the song has stopped playing.

While Own It is not on iTunes yet, you can check out all of Vita’s back catalogue and more here.

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