We Are The Outpost release new single ‘Vanity Mirror’

wearetheoutpost02Sydney’s We Are The Outpost have released their newest single Vanity Mirror. The guitar-driven track is reminiscent of the Mars Volta meets Coheed & Cambria, delivering an atmospheric twist that dives and climbs across the full four minutes.

The first thing you’ll notice in the track are the vocals, the soft voice of Ethan Vigilone takes you on the first twist of the journey as he traverses the compelling guitar sounds across the opening verse and launching into the first chorus. The drums are another important character in this escapade – while they begin simply across the first verse, as soon as the first chorus kicks in they begin to become sparse, which works beautifully. I imagine it would have been hard to resist overplaying initially, as the bass begins to climb across the first chorus, second verse and second chorus.

Come the 3 minute mark, you realise the full extent of the journey you’re on. The bass switches to funk-inspired bassline as a synthesiser sounds kicks in and dances in tandem with the guitar. Once the 3 minute 40 mark kicks in, you’d be hard pressed not to feel the full swing of the track.

Keep an eye out for We Are The Outpost in the coming few weeks – they’ve been teasing a few major announcements – hopefully they include an album and a tour.

Vanity Mirror is available exclusively through Spotify – have a stream of it below.

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