A one on one with Underoath’s Timothy McTague, with their upcoming Australian Rebirth tour.

So, they say “never meet your Heroes?” Well I did today, and it did not disappoint. I felt like Wayne and Gareth in Wayne’s World meeting Alice Cooper “I’m not worthy!” (Little pop culture reference there) but it was so worth it…

I got the great opportunity to have a one-on-one with the one and only Timothy McTague, the lead guitarist and one of the founding members of one of the biggest bands in the world, UNDEROATH. And man, what a down to earth, genuine, just all round awesome dude. He was so open and pumped to give us the goss on the bands arrival to our shores, Australia, for the next leg of their REBIRTH TOUR in February…

No topic was off limits. We talked of the bands love of Australia, the guys’ faith and how Underoath has changed. We did get a bit personal and deep with some random questions for the diehard fans and the future of the band came up… They have dusted off their instruments, so has this rebirth of the band brought more than just a reunion? Could there be more to come from Underoath? Are they just getting started? Stay tuned music fans… as we get underway with a one-on-one chat with Underoath’s Timothy McTague


You Underoath guys have been here in our great Southern land of Australia a number of times, what do you think of Australia so far?

Owe… man… Australia is one of our favorite places. When we decided to do an international tour, Australia was the first place we wanted to go. You know we then spent months working on it, so we could make it work, because you know its so expensive to get over there, so expensive to be there, but in the end, we were all like yer no, we don’t care about the money, we just want to go back. So, we made sure that we could provide and make the trip worth it, make sure we did the best we could do for the shows make sure to get as many shows as we could in, stuff like that. Because we all just really love the country man… Like, I love the people, the towns, I love the culture and the all-round atmosphere at the shows we play down there. I’m really excited to be there, you know it’s your summer, our winter so that’s a benefit for us… ha ha. But yeah I’m just so pumped we get the chance again to come back, one of my top three countries Australia is, for sure… ha ha.


Are there any hopes and expectations for this Australian leg of the REBIRTH TOUR?

Honestly none… I mean like dude, if I can speak freely, like… we just did the five weeks in the US, and we didn’t know what to expect, and the shows were the biggest shows we ever had, they were some of the craziest shows we ever had. We were on cloud nine man… And the fact that we are even doing this again as Underoath… like I don’t care if no-one shows up or we sellout, I’m just pumped to be back at it. We are just so blessed to be in our 30’s and playing metal, still now, ha ha. It really doesn’t get better than that man. My excitement and happiness that this is even happening is all the expectation we need and playing some of our favorite and best songs we wrote in our career is just a bonus.


So far these tours with Underoath have just been a reunion tour, but also is it a testing of the waters to maybe move forward with new music?

Err… that’s a hard one. I mean I can’t really base a bunch of dudes coming back together to celebrate twelve-year-old music, as to whether people want to hear new music or if they don’t. I know though that we are in a spot where we are open to create, we are open to look at new opportunities, and we are open to write new music together. Umm… we have traded a couple of random demos around nothing really firm, or not really immediately going forward with a goal, but like I said, there are no expectations. Like I said, right now we are just riding the wave. But… man if we did write another record that we feel confident in, and we put it out and people receive it and like it, well man I’m not apposed to that at all… we are as a band, open to anything. The only things were not going to do is something because we are forced to or if it feels forced… but yes, we are all open to the possibility man, ha ha.


The history of Underoath’s ups and downs are no secret, and rarely are with such a big band as Underoath. So how does faith still sit in with the band?

It doesn’t sit in with the group of the band like at all… umm I think there is a lot of the dudes, like half the band that is either questioning, but as a band unit it’s no longer really relevant. There’s also a few of us that still hold it, but look at it more from a personal stand point than a global Underoath stand.

Well for me personally, I very much am still a person of faith, and I am a Christian. I don’t believe half the things I used to believe from the days of starting out as Underoath, I now have a bit of a different stand, which is a lot different from the Underoath of old, and that’s what we had to come to realize to make it work. Umm… like I personally believe people should move forward in love and grace and acceptance and self-sacrifice, and I think with Jesus, if I could do everything he did, I think life would be more fulfilled and enriched. I think if we all did what he did, we wouldn’t have wars, we wouldn’t need money, we wouldn’t need anything worldly like that. I still think that is the template for life. But now I also see, as of late, that is not the only template, and I think if you don’t believe it… we can live in harmony, live in peace and live in excitement together. Umm… which is the case and point of where we are at right now in Underoath. Like some dudes in the band are like nah… I don’t believe in anything anymore. You know like, whether they have outgrown it or feel they have been burnt by something or just decided that’s not “me” anymore. We have to come to grips with that, they’re still them and we are still us and we love each other and we can change and be different, but we are still us in the band and lets just keep going and let’s do this! Ha ha…


Here’s a part for the diehards… the fans, the ones who want to know some random stuff about their favorite artists… Let’s get a little personal… a little deep now to finish off this epic one‑on‑one with Tim McTague


With what I like to call… DA NA NA NA… SOME RANDOM QUESTIONS… With Timothy McTague of UNEROATH

Lets go…


What is your most memorable musical moment?

Oh… yeah umm… the most memorable, like the one I would tell my kids, is the day that we got the news from our manager and realized that “define the great line” on its first week went to number two on Billboards. That to me is still one of the craziest… like there’s heaps of life changing stories that I wouldn’t be able to get all the way through telling you without taking all our time up and crying my eyes out! Like that kid with cancer that got through surgery and recovery from our music, our little old songs helped push him through. Those are the stories you take to the grave… But musical moment and accolades of the big WOW factor, is that day we got the call that “define the great line” went number two, biggest selling album in the world… just stunned us to silence, so yeah that was pretty fantastical. Ha ha.


If you could do a dream collaboration with any artist/ band who would it be? And why?

For me it would be “At the Drive-In “, because they are one of the most influential bands, especially in this scene ever. Yeah and they influenced nearly every part of my writing, and I love their music, I love their energy and it’s just great… Ha ha.


A zombie apocalypse happens who in the band dies first? And why?

Umm… I don’t know I would like to say Aaron, but actually I think Aaron would be really good at running and hiding… Ha ha. I think I would be really good at strategizing… but I probably would die first because I would be the idiot that’s all like after a while, screw this and would run in with a bat swinging, yelling to the others to “run”… ha ha. And you know there is no way out if, it’s an apocalypse, like if it was a couple of zombies and a couple of dudes all with weapons, you have a fighting chance to survive, but an apocalypse that means everyone are zombies, you’re dead no matter what!!! Ha ha. But I still probably wont get far and us in the band with families will definitely die first because we would want to do some last heroic thing to protect our families… So, me, Chris, Aaron, James we’re all done… Ha ha.


A band or artist that you like to listen to that’s a bit of a sneaky shame, and ever discovered, you would be quick to deny?

Umm… don’t have any band or artist that’s a sneaky shame, I’m pretty transparent when it comes to music. I just like music for music. If a band or artist is good I will listen to it. If they become crap… see ya when you make good music again. Ha ha. I just love music and music that is good.


If you could sum yourself up in a “catch phrase” what would it be?

Ha ha… “More ambitious than his own good, and has one more than he’s lost, but has lost a lot”. Yep that’s about right.


If you could only choose one song to listen to for the rest of your life what would it be? And why?

Man, tricky… well to me “Jimmy Eat World – Clarity” is my stuck in the desert record. I could listen to that recorded till I die. Man, one song, umm I would say, one song for the rest of my life would probably be errr… nah can’t decide, I will have to be greedy this time and have the whole “Clarity” album than just one song… Ha ha.


All right that’s all the time we’ve got.

Be sure to check below, for the venues and dates of Underoath’s Australian leg of their REBIRTH TOUR. Click the links to purchase your tickets and make sure to get in – they are selling out fast… Don’t miss this chance to be a part of Underoath’s return…


A big thanks to Tim and Underoath’s management for giving us the time… Make sure not to miss Underoath’s REBIRTH TOUR…

Thanks, and GOD BLESS


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