Another Language release debut EP ‘Shoulder to the Sun’

Brisbane-based funk/rock outfit Another Language have released their debut EP Shoulder to the Sun on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else you can get music. While it is only early in 2017 – this is a strong contender for release of the year.

The opening track ‘Soul Doctor’ is nothing short of infectious. From the opening riffs to the chorus, it’s a song that is reminiscent of the funk/ska scene of the early 2000’s, yet the production keeps it relevant in 2017.’Eye See A Rainbow’, while remarkably different from ‘Soul Doctor’ still has the same effect. An opening chord which gives the eye a bit of a water is built upon by the vocals of Josh and Roe Morrison and then delivering a foot-tapping beat.

After the opening two tracks, the EP steps more into the country/rock scene. The title track is a straight-up rock track which seems to be heavily inspired by acts such as John Butler and the Waifs. ‘Remember To Breathe’ is well and truly a country act, with Roe’s vocals providing a lovely punctuation to the twangs and whistles that mentally sends you to rural Queensland. The final track ‘Ambiance’ is a fusion of all the aspects of the EP in one track. You get the complete package – the catchy riffs from Soul Doctor, the powerful bass from Eye See A Rainbow, the smooth beats of Shoulder to the Sun and  smooth vocals from Remember To Breathe. It’s a perfect end to a debut release, which is best listened to on a road trip along the coast. You couldn’t get a better soundtrack for these hot summer days.

Shoulder To The Sun is available on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere music is sold digitally.

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