REVIEW: Mercy in Madness by Noralyn

Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Noralyn is back with her debut EP entitled Mercy in Madness. Due for release on tomorrow (February 16) it is a four-track effort with powerful vocals, beautiful musicality and a true showcase of the talent that is Noralyn.

Right from the opening track Blue, the vocals take charge. Noralyn has an amazing range and when working alongside an orchestral synthesizer and piano, she brings a sound reminiscent of Tori Amos. When the chorus struck, it made me take a breath – the build-up to it was intense and the auditory atmosphere created by Noralyn‘s vocals is something I haven’t encountered in a long, long time.

The second track No Secrets opens with a deep bass beat and an old-school dance beat. Noralyn‘s vocals switch from power-vocals to an RnB inspired rap during the verses before switching to a higher pitched sung chorus. Somehow the track reminds me of the late-90s, early -2000s dance-pop tracks (thinking of that song Jackie) yet keeping a modern-day sensibility about it.

Rain switches things up a bit, losing the high-RPM bass drum beats and power vocals and replacing them with an Adele-inspired chorus. When laid alongside the opening tracks, Rain gives a full spectrum of Noralyn‘s vocals. Especially when the bridge hits with “Let it rain, let it rain down” – her voice shines through another atmospheric track. This song is bound to be a crowd favourite at the CD launch and future tours.

Finishing off the four-track EP is Sad Birds which begins in a more stripped-back manner, utilising a piano and soft keyboard. The lyrics and the simple arrangement helps bring out another atmospheric track. Starting with soft vocals and eventually building up to a high-pitched conclusion, it solidifies the vocal range that Noralyn carries.

Perhaps the only complaint I can muster up about this EP is that it is so short. With only four tracks, I was left wanting more. A LOT more. Noralyn‘s voice is mesmerising and the range of musicality displayed in these four tracks keeps the EP fresh after multiple listens.

Noralyn is launching the EP at the Milk Factory in Brisbane on February 16. Tickets are $5 at the door with the EP being on sale for $5 as well. Mercy In Madness is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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