Countdown to FEMF 2017 is on!!!

Forest Edge Music Festival 2017 is on soon! In less than three weeks – a collection of 40 artists will come together and put on the performances of a lifetime. Camping spots are still available, but selling out soon – don’t miss out! Full line-up details are after the jump:


  • Stars Go Dim
  • The Afters
  • Slip-On Stereo
  • Airports
  • Fatai
  • Alabaster Box
  • Levi McGrath
  • The Quick & The Dead
  • Riordan Stewart-Macdougall
  • Skypilot
  • Ice-Cream Burritos
  • Germein Sisters
  • The Updraft Imperative
  • Mayfair Lane
  • James Franklin
  • Alyssa Allet
  • Noralyn
  • Aaron Lee
  • Zak Grace
  • Babel’s End
  • Gateway Youth
  • Young Vincent
  • Katie Lauren
  • Sam Leslie
  • Andrea Marr
  • Farai Katiyo
  • Ellery Cohen
  • Bella
  • Cam Fleetwood Smith
  • Lisa King
  • Static State
  • Paul Mah and The Drifting Boats
  • Zach Spinks
  • We Are Servants
  • Wire Bird
  • Jesse Mitchell
  • Kim Hammond
  • Available At The Counter
  • Wolf + Willow

Stoked? Check out our FEMF Partylist and let us know who you’re looking forward to seeing?


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