5 Aussie bands we want to get back together

The Australian Christian music scene had a series of great bands who put together wicked live performances and catchy tracks. Here are 5 we would love to get back together, even if it is just for one more time.


5. The Frugals

The year is 2001, and golfpunk was a thing. Jumping on board the ska-punk train and combining it with the golfpunk image was The Frugals. With releases such as “Formula for Success” and “Just What You Want for Christmas”, their music was catchy, and was great for a party with your friends over some red cordial. Walk down memory lane here:

and if you’re really keen – Formula for Success is still available on iTunes.

4. Void if Removed


Around the same time, nu-metal was taking off and Limp Bizkit were all the rage. But, if your Mum & Dad were put off by the explicit language sticker, then it is highly likely someone gave you a copy of Void if Removed’s debut album Craving. Combining rap, industrial and metal elements this gathered a very quick cult following that disappeared almost as quickly as the band did. Void played their final show around 2005/2006, and made a farewell performance at Easterfest 2011.

3. JaeL


Australia’s answer to Evanesence, JaeL were the hottest band in the Australian scene when their sophomore EP Infecting Your Mind dropped in 2005, and they supported Pillar at Easterfest 2006. BeeJae, Milkman, Boyd, Sel and the revolving drummer were all individual characters whose fanbase was as passionate at their live performances. They broke hearts nationwide when they announced they were leaving Australia for America in 2009 never to be heard from again. With Boyd, BeeJae and Sel all living in Mt. Isa these days, and Boyd & BeeJae recently pictured performing together – slim hopes of a JaeL reunion are kept alive. If the video below is not enough – their music is still on iTunes.

2. Sounds Like Chicken


Raw and punk inspired ska was epitomised in Sounds Like Chicken. SLC was one of the few Aussie Christian bands to get wide mainstream acceptance, with regular performances on Triple J and tours with bands such as Area 7. Their debut full length album Like a Cannonball to the Ocean Floor has barely dated and is still a great listen. They reformed for a one-off show as a fundraiser for Fist2Face in 2014, but let’s be honest – it wasn’t enough.

1. Rhubarb


Rhubarb were indie before there was indie. Hits such as Exerciser and Pennywise brought them into the forefront of the Australian music scene before their album Slow Motion took them into the stratosphere of national tours and international support. In 2005 they released a raw, stripped back album called Start Again and by 2006 they were done. You can still get Slow Motion and Start Again for free on their website with the remainder on iTunes.

Honourable Mentions belong to Blind, Ripple Effect and Slain of Myself who we also strongly considered for this list.

What do you think? Did we get it right? Who is a blast from the past who you’d like to see come together for one last time?


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