REVIEW: We Are Servants

In what is seemingly their last hurrah before calling it a day, We Are Servants are doing a flash pre-sale for their self-titled E.P which is released on Monday, June 19th. This is for those fans of bands like Rise Against! and Refused – you like your music fast, with some elements rough but with one line or one riff or one breakdown stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

From the opening track where a slick guitar riff sucks you in, you are immediately caught in the whirlwind of energy and head nodding. “Lost For Words” is the perfect soundtrack to high-speed car chase or a at least a summer road trip that concludes with a  head-banging breakdown that probably could be it’s own song transition at a live show. “Another Reason” is closer to the pop-punk roots that have helped give We Are Servants a big following in and around Brisbane and South-East Queensland. The vocals are just that octave higher and the guitars that touch softer, it is reminiscent of Millencolin and Slick Shoes in their 2001-2002 hayday.

The third track “Made To Love” tones it down a notch as it morphs into a slower, more intense song. A powerful sung chorus will keep in your head for a while until the breakdown at the bridge pushes it out. At this point, you’ll be tempted to hit the ‘back’ button and listen to “Made To Love” again, but don’t – the next track is “Anything Matters”; the lead single from the E.P. is an excellent fusion of the raw energy of the first two tracks and the catchy pop-punk chorus that “Made To Love” got stuck in your head for. The final song, “Rescue” is a powerful ballad which doesn’t have the same catchy elements as the previous four tracks, but the lyrics will pull you into the track as lead singer Zach brings you into the story.

One of the things that makes this E.P. stand out is the lyrics. If you listen closely, you’ll encounter some very dark themes punctuated by hopeful choruses. Themes such as violent partners, depression and suicide abound but unlike their contemporaries, We Are Servants remain hopeful of a positive outcome.

As the E.P. finishes, I find myself reminded of the feeling I had the last time I saw Anberlin walk off stage. They are going to be missed, but this is an excellent way to honour their memory. Power on We Are Servants.

We Are Servants‘ debut E.P. is available now through an exclusive pre-sale on Bandcamp.

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