Brisbane’s Another Language featured on JFH’s latest indie compilation

The positive vibes for Another Language keep coming with JesusFreakHideout featuring their single Soul Doctor on their latest compilation Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t).

Brisbane-based Another Language have become the first all-Aussie band who have been featured on the compilation. were one of the first Christian music websites, and have developed a significant following over the past 21 years. The site’s creator and editor John DiBiase believes in spreading the positive messages that Christian music has to offer, especially with all the highly negative music that is available.

“There’s a lot of great Christian music out there,” said DiBiase. “We hope compilations like Songs We’ve Been Trying to Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t) can help people find good quality music to inspire, entertain and edify.”.

It’s an incredible kudo for a song that was written when lead singer Josh Morrison was struck down by glandular fever:

“I couldn’t talk or swallow, floods had hit my home town Ipswich, and I was unwell in bed. I was reflecting on my life, where it was going and what was influencing me. I was studying nursing at the time and ideas of hospital wards and Jesus being the ’soul doctor’ filled my mind.”

“My head became clear, free from distractions and I was free of any desire for lust or wealth. With nothing to cloud my judgement, my conscience started to speak louder. I saw the things in my life that I needed to change and I decided to endeavour to be less distracted and create the best music in the world for Jesus Christ.”

You can download the compilation here via and check out Another Language below:

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