Wolf and Willow release new single ‘Heart on Fire’

Melbourne’s Wolf and Willow have been busy. Anyone who assumed they would be resting and recuperating after their national tour would be sadly mistaken. Instead, they have returned with a brand new single entitled Heart on Fire. We had a listen to it…

Wolf and Willow have become renowned for their smooth acoustic/folk sound and powerful lyrics. ‘Heart On Fire’ is arguably their best song to date, with the guitars dancing over a beat that keeps the ear entertained and the heart strings pulled. The lyrics send the listener back to times of early love – the blossoming of a friendship turning into something more.

Tim and James’ musicality shines through, especially around 2 minute 20 mark where the intensity of the track hits a bridge which morphs from a crescendo to a softer, more raw chorus. The song hits another peak during the final chorus, where the drums become more noticeable and the acoustic guitar is joined by a blues-inspired electric. It is little wonder that the song has made it to the top 10 of Triple J’s Unearthed, where the track is exclusively streamed. Check out the song here.

If that’s not enough for you, then Wolf and Willow are doing two launch shows for the single – Melbourne and Adelaide. Check out the links and be sure to make it along.

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