For All Eternity return with ‘Derailed’

Sydney’s For All Eternity are back as heavy as ever with their new single ‘Derailed’. It is the first single from their upcoming album The Will to Rebuild due to release on December 15th. We had a listen and what happened next will shock you…

For All Eternity have developed a strong reputation as one of Australia’s most gifted and talented metalcore bands. Following up Metanoia was always going to be challenging, but it seems that The Will To Rebuild will be a new step up if the new single ‘Derailed’ is anything to go by.

Kicking off with an a-typical intro, ‘Derailed’ begins to evolve. Giving early impressions of a straight-up metalcore track, it catches you by surprise as subtle glass-breaking sound effects make their appearance just before the 2 minute mark, with Michael Buckley’s sung vocals appearing immediately afterwards. Lead vocalist Shane Carroll then shows off some of the diversity he’s become known for with some high-pitched screamed vocals interspersed with Buckley’s Aaron-Gillespie-inspired sung harmonies.

The bridge then catches you off-guard and lulls you into a sense of straight-up metalcore at this point. But, subtle whispers and soft sung vocals begin again as the song seems to drift off. Those who are old enough (or educated enough) to remember the hey-day of nu-metal won’t be caught off guard. This section immediately brought back to mind the audio aesthetics of Korn and Adema which means a huge ending is about to follow.

FAE don’t disappoint with Carroll’s scream of “how far must I fall” kicking off a frenetic final thirty seconds, as the song comes to a chaotic end, complete with more sound effects of glass breaking.

If this is a sign of things to come The Will to Rebuild could be a contender for you album of the year list. Until then, ‘Derailed’ is available for purchase from iTunes and all digital media outlets.

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