Piper releases new EP “More Than Words”

Hailing from Bendigo is faith-filled singer Piper. Her debut EP More Than Words was released on iTunes and Spotify last night and is four tracks of piano-driven praise & worship.



The opening track Come Back To Me demonstrates Piper’s full vocal ability, with her full range on display. Her voice is soft, yet commanding – very reminiscent of Darlene Zschech, and the catchy chorus means that it’s the song you’ll be finding yourself coming back to again and again. Let You In and Fall are softer affairs, with Piper’s voice again working in tandem with the piano to deliver hauntingly beautiful tracks which focus on God’s redemptive love and spirit.

Image courtesy of Piper Music Official Facebook page.

Fall is particularly haunting, with the piano, chorus and bridge building towards a powerful crescendo. However, Piper’s composition skills take the rein and instead of busting out one final chorus, she drops it back letting the track fade to background noise and fading in a softly played chorus across the background noise of a horse and carriage and light street traffic. The song itself brings to mind images of an old piano being played in front of an open log fire looking out over cobblestone streets, which is a testament to Piper’s ability to craft images using just the sound of a piano and her voice.


The final track Heaven’s Place delivers a guitar-driven affair with a violin sitting in support. Piper’s vocals again take another turn – they are slightly huskier and without a chorus, the songs twists and turns like a road instead of following the rhythm of verse-chorus-verse. It is an interesting end to a debut effort which is a perfect introduction to what Piper is about. Let’s hope we hear more from her and soon.

More Than Words is available now on iTunes or you can have a listen on Spotify:


Comrades & Beacon Light have new singles this week

Two new singles hit Australian radio this morning, with US band Comrades releasing the first single from their debut Facedown Records release Lone/Grey and rapper Beacon Light releasing Haters.

Comrades are Facedown’s newest signing, with a hardcore sound that does not seem out of place on the label, lining up alongside our own For All Eternity and Rival Choir. The new single is a powerful hardcore track which is offset by Laura McElroy’s soft vocals.

Beacon Light is a US-based MC from the Grand Rapids area whose music transverses an Eminem-style sound combined with music focused on Jesus’ love and redemption. His new single Haters is from his third album due September 16th this year. Radio is the only way you’re going to hear this, so get in contact with your local station today and tell them you want to hear it.

Cash Hollistah’s “Jump” hits radio today

cash-hollistah-jump-1500US-based rapper Cash Hollistah‘s new single Jump hits radio today. Inspired by the host of the American Family Feud Steve Harvey’s viral motivation video, the song has a really smooth beat and rhyme to it. With the second verse of the track featuring the dulcet rhymes of Lando, it’s a song that will get stuck in your head and keep it nodding everytime you think about it.

You can check it out now on Spotify and iTunes or if you really want others to enjoy it with you, request it on your local radio station.

Memphis May Fire tease Australian Tour

Memphis May Fire. Photo via Facebook.

Texas-based metalcore outfit Memphis May Fire have hinted that a headline Australia tour is in the works.

A Facebook post asking people to nominate where they should play is the only indication that a tour is in the works, which seems odd as most bands only tour Australia in support of a new album. Memphis’ last album release was called Unconditional which was released in 2014 and then as a ‘deluxe package’ in 2015.

We last saw Memphis when they supported Australian metal act Parkway Drive in support of their latest release in September last year, but they have never headlined their own Australian tour before.

A fair bet would be that we will see them just as they announce a new album to test the crowd’s response to new material. Either way, we shall wait with bated breath…

Memphis May Fire’s latest album Unconditional is available now through iTunes.