ICYMI: Available At The Counter become Homestate.

In a move that caught most people off-guard, Perth-based Available At The Counter have renamed themselves Homestate. The move is a ‘coming of age’ moment for the band as they progress into a new stage of their career.

To celebrate the name change, they have released a new single called Breathe. It features all the trims and hooks that you’ve come to love. It’s great to discover that the name change hasn’t altered what we love about Available at the Counter, I mean, Homestate.

REVIEW: For All Eternity – The Will to Rebuild

Sydney’s For All Eternity have returned with their third album The Will To Rebuild. With huge vocals, anthemic guitars and hooks that will keep headbangers engaged for months, The Will To Rebuild represents a huge step forward for not just the band but for those who get entrapped in the music as well.

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For All Eternity return with ‘Derailed’

Sydney’s For All Eternity are back as heavy as ever with their new single ‘Derailed’. It is the first single from their upcoming album The Will to Rebuild due to release on December 15th. We had a listen and what happened next will shock you…

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Wolf and Willow release new single ‘Heart on Fire’

Melbourne’s Wolf and Willow have been busy. Anyone who assumed they would be resting and recuperating after their national tour would be sadly mistaken. Instead, they have returned with a brand new single entitled Heart on Fire. We had a listen to it…

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Brisbane’s Another Language featured on JFH’s latest indie compilation

The positive vibes for Another Language keep coming with JesusFreakHideout featuring their single Soul Doctor on their latest compilation Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t). Continue reading “Brisbane’s Another Language featured on JFH’s latest indie compilation”

Bay Side Wreckers return with One Time + announce Cardio Selections E.P.

Sydney’s Bay Side Wreckers have returned with a new single and announcing pre-orders for a new E.P. called Cardio Selections. A head-bobbing single, One Time brings the smooth flow and catchy beats that will make even the most cynical hip-hop head nod.

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REVIEW: We Are Servants

In what is seemingly their last hurrah before calling it a day, We Are Servants are doing a flash pre-sale for their self-titled E.P which is released on Monday, June 19th. This is for those fans of bands like Rise Against! and Refused – you like your music fast, with some elements rough but with one line or one riff or one breakdown stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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