For All Eternity return with ‘Derailed’

Sydney’s For All Eternity are back as heavy as ever with their new single ‘Derailed’. It is the first single from their upcoming album The Will to Rebuild due to release on December 15th. We had a listen and what happened next will shock you…

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Bay Side Wreckers return with One Time + announce Cardio Selections E.P.

Sydney’s Bay Side Wreckers have returned with a new single and announcing pre-orders for a new E.P. called Cardio Selections. A head-bobbing single, One Time brings the smooth flow and catchy beats that will make even the most cynical hip-hop head nod.

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A one on one with Underoath’s Timothy McTague, with their upcoming Australian Rebirth tour.

So, they say “never meet your Heroes?” Well I did today, and it did not disappoint. I felt like Wayne and Gareth in Wayne’s World meeting Alice Cooper “I’m not worthy!” (Little pop culture reference there) but it was so worth it…

I got the great opportunity to have a one-on-one with the one and only Timothy McTague, the lead guitarist and one of the founding members of one of the biggest bands in the world, UNDEROATH. And man, what a down to earth, genuine, just all round awesome dude. He was so open and pumped to give us the goss on the bands arrival to our shores, Australia, for the next leg of their REBIRTH TOUR in February…

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‘Another Language’ reborn and set for debut release early 2017.

Lead singer and songwriter Josh Morrison is looking to replicate his bands former glory and venture with a new, transfigured look. “Early in 2017, I hope to give the attention deserved to my single ‘Soul Doctor,’” says Morrison.

The funk, rock group from Ipswich saw success on the Queensland music scene in 2012. This included countless gigs throughout Brisbane suburbs and winning the Battle of the Bands.

Using the momentum of this success, Morrison and the band recorded an EP at ‘Studio Truth’ in Brisbane with acclaimed producer Tyson Ruth.

Morrison says, “Ruth was able to transform me from a bedroom musician with an acoustic guitar, to a recording artist.” Together they created an EP which encompassed all of which the band had hoped.

As they continued, the group struggled to positively channel their diverse visions and inevitably disbanded in 2013.

For Morrison, it was love that intervened.

Morrison met his soon to be wife and supporting vocalist Roelien and they dared to dream new dreams.


‘Another Language’ was reinvigorated by this love and saw a reformation earlier this year. This was facilitated upon invitation to perform at Studio 188, supporting ‘Until Home’ for their single launch.

Josh and Roelien Morrison assembled a rhythm section featuring Chris Muir, Stu Hastings and Anthony Gilbert and ‘Another Language’ was reborn.

When asked about the feeling of returning to the stage with a new group Josh Morrison said, “it makes songs that you have played a thousand times feel like you are playing it again for the first time.” He continued, “we are bringing to life these songs I recorded back in 2012.”

Whilst ‘Another Language’ looks to move forward with this new look, their roots will remain with Morrisons perennial vision. “Let’s sing about values that come from a gospel centred on Jesus Christ – lyrical ideas that are shaped by my relationship and walk with God.”

With the plan to be releasing new music soon the grungy rock group have a few gigs coming up. Whilst drawing from influences such as John Mayer and DC Talk, Morrison says you can expect “a hurricane of funk and rock with a blur of blues. Words that speak of an adventure with God. A journey of faith.”

Catch ‘Another Language’ before their much anticipated debut release with their upcoming gig at the Phoenix Arts Theatre. They will be supporting Melbourne melodic/hard-core group, Spectral Fires as they tour their upcoming EP ‘Wayfarer.’

Check out the gig details here;

Emma Mullings teaches us how to Dream Again

emmamullings02Hailing from Sydney is pop singer Emma Mullings. You might already know her as the voice of Sydney’s HOPE FM from 9am – 1pm, and her face has a ringing familiarity to it, as she is the voice of the What’s New? advertisements on Australian TV. It’s a sign of someone who us pursuing their dreams in the Australian media landscape, and now she is breaking into the world of music.

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Saving Grace release new single “Recidivist”

Saving-Grace01New Zealand hardcore band Saving Grace have released a new single on Facedown Records called RecidivistThe song stays true to what we have come to expect from the Kiwi band, with a heavy, crunching guitars, deep guttural vocals and a varied beat throughout the song.

The song has already reached #1 on the New Zealand iTunes metal charts after debuting on popular metal blog Lambgoat and is sitting at #50 in the Australian version, showing a strong following from the metal community. The new album will be entitled Into Hell and is expected to be released in 2017.

Perhaps the most surprising element of this song is the confronting video clip, which we’re not embedding, because of some of content but you are free to view here. With their anti-drug and “straight edge” stance fairly well known, it is clear that Saving Grace are trying to send a message with the clip, but with very strong imagery, it’s not surprising that there has already been some backlash on their Facebook page.

You can hear the song for yourself below on Spotify, or you can jump onto iTunes and grab a copy for yourself now.

The Quick and The Dead drop new single “The Blacksmith”

The-Quick-and-The-Dead01Wangaratta based rock band The Quick and The Dead have released the first single from their debut album 01. Entitled The Blacksmith the song transverses from a country-infused opening couple of bars to a rock-heavy chorus that can get feet tapping and hands clapping.

Made up of three brothers (two biological, one spiritual) Kai & Rhys Duursma as well as Isaac Goeby, The Quick and The Dead have just concluded an east-coast tour featuring stops in Melbourne, Canberra, and regional dates in Grenfell and Harden.

Expect this to be the first of many times we hear from The Quick and The Dead as they release more from the album which is due on September 1st.

In the interim, check out the single below and if you really like it, grab it on Bandcamp.