BREAKING: Forest Edge is no more

The last Christian music festival in Australia is no more. The team at Forest Edge have announced there will be no festival in 2018 and that ‘conversations about the long-term future of the festival’ will be commencing shortly.

FEMF now joins a long list of festivals to have called it a day in the past 10 years, with Remain Festival, Easterfest, Blackstump and Strawberry Jam all calling it quits since 2007.

Countdown to FEMF 2017 is on!!!

Forest Edge Music Festival 2017 is on soon! In less than three weeks – a collection of 40 artists will come together and put on the performances of a lifetime. Camping spots are still available, but selling out soon – don’t miss out! Full line-up details are after the jump:

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A one on one with Underoath’s Timothy McTague, with their upcoming Australian Rebirth tour.

So, they say “never meet your Heroes?” Well I did today, and it did not disappoint. I felt like Wayne and Gareth in Wayne’s World meeting Alice Cooper “I’m not worthy!” (Little pop culture reference there) but it was so worth it…

I got the great opportunity to have a one-on-one with the one and only Timothy McTague, the lead guitarist and one of the founding members of one of the biggest bands in the world, UNDEROATH. And man, what a down to earth, genuine, just all round awesome dude. He was so open and pumped to give us the goss on the bands arrival to our shores, Australia, for the next leg of their REBIRTH TOUR in February…

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Workshops for Uprock Conference Announced

Australian Christian Hip-Hop conference UPROCK 2016 is happening this weekend at Forest Lake in Brisbane. It’s an awesome two days of hip-hop workshops, covering the four elements of breakdancing, DJ’ing, rapping and graffiti. Some of the workshops announced so far are:

Wizdm – Mixing and Mastering
Lego Sam – Breaking Basics
Linda Liddell & Ryan Vallee – Getting Through the Tough Times
Praying Mantis – Recording Techniques
Royal Dog – Graffiti Production

As well as these five headline workshops, there are also several other sessions on faith and expression of faith through hip-hop.

Things don’t shut down at night either, where the event opens up to the Showcase nights, featuring Australian acts such as Manziere, D4C, Broadkast as well as Izzy N The Profit and The Praying Mantis.


Tickets for the conference are available via the Eventbrite page, with tickets for the showcase nights available at the door.


Wire Bird rejuvenated with Pokemon, pillow forts and ribs

You know them from their debut EP release ‘New World’ and irrevocably popular, party sets at Forest Edge music festival, but the Melbourne band have taken some time out to focus on new musical endeavours. 

“We found that it was hard to be creative with writing and musical direction when we were so focused on the next show,” says acoustic guitarist and supporting vocalist John Longley.

It was a “lads weekend” away that generated creativity and rejuvenated the indie pop group.

The weekend consisted of “eating ribs, checking out the main street, chasing Pokemon – and squeezing in some tracking,” says Longley.

The tracking processes proved quite the unique adventure Longley explained. “We built him (Luke Sexton – Drummer) a special mattress fort for his drums. He was a pretty happy guy in there, just drumming and sweating away.”

The deliberative hiatus allowed the boys some time make a little bit of a shift musically. It was then this trip away that provided the perfect facilitative song-writing/recording environment.

“We are still a band that creates our music as a group, so while the songs may start as bedroom acoustic songs, notes on scraps or riffs in a jam, they come together with influence from all members of Wire Bird. These new songs are taking a stronger lyrical focus, I feel our lyric is becoming increasingly honest and vulnerable.”

Nicole Alice Photography

The boys are looking to introduce these highly anticipated new sounds to coincide with another new venture, a debut video to their hit, ‘Always.’

The video has been a collaboration with French filmmakers who featured ‘Always’ on their pilot episode on MTV France. As remuneration the filmmakers set out to create the boys a film clip.

“It has been exciting to see how they interpreted our song and where that best fit in their story and how we have interpreted their footage to complement our story for Always,” says Longley.

The boys will be playing their first headline show this year at the Workers Club October 29 to celebrate their video launch.

You can expect the boys to be “playing new material but also digging into the catalogue of songs people might have heard a few times. We’ve got a new stage look for people to check out too, a little less foliage and a bit more Beyoncé,” says Longley.

With influences including Foals and Band of Horses you can expect vibrant pop melodies, lots of energy and a whole bunch of fun times.

Check out their upcoming gig here;

Wire Bird’s EP ‘New World is available on iTunes & Spotify here;