Mel Crothers releases new single “Jesus Lifted High”

Mel Crothers Faithful album cover. Image courtesy of TCM

TCM are reporting that Perth-based singer/songwriter Mel Crothers has released the third single from her second album Faithful to radio. Entitled Jesus Lifted High, it’s a soulful pop track, signified by the smooth pop intro which helps to allow Mel to demonstrate the full range of her vocal talent. The song is a powerful one, as it develops a worshipful ambiance as it builds towards the bridge and again towards the penultimate chorus.

Jesus Lifted High is an excellent track that demonstrates the full ability of Mel Crothers to create worship music that would be suitable both in a church and on the drive home from work. The album follows a similar path, with tracks such as In Your Presence and the title track Faithful having equal parts contemplative music and soulful worship.

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Ever seen a live duckPuppy before?

In a world where metal and it’s associates are gaining larger and larger fanbases, and where indie bands only need to cough to get airplay on Triple J, it’s always good to hear something that straddles the boundaries and still sounds good. Hailing from Wagga Wagga, duckPuppy‘s debut EP Hunter and Hunted is a breath of fresh air. Songs such as “Napoleon” and the imaginatively titled “Soak In Your Lies, Kidney Boy!” have powerful guitar riffs which induce the occasional headbang whilst the vocals transition from screams to sung harmonies.

It’s not just the music that makes duckPuppy an exciting venture – a series of viral video clips that have surreptitiously dropped since the release of the EP have given fans something entertaining to engage with whilst exploring their musical repertoire. By setting the songs to old footage from WW2, Napoleon somehow becomes even more entertaining, while the clip for Feeding The Giant is now more epic than just the aural monolith it is already.

If you haven’t heard duckPuppy yet, do yourself a favour and check them out. This is a band that is going to become very big, very quickly.

Hunter and Hunted is out now on iTunes and Spotify.

Switchfoot shows Where The Light Shines Through

Switchfoot01We sat down with Jon Foreman from Switchfoot to discuss the new album, their colourful new video clip and ‘that’ Easterfest performance.

There’s a certain danger involved when a band has been around as long as Switchfoot has. The formula tends to get the same – similar sound, similar vibe, same structures, etc. It’s something lead singer Jon Foreman is fully aware of, which explains why the band threw the formula out the window with their new release Where the Light Shines Through. In fact, it seems the album is a near complete departure from the Switchfoot sound that we have all become accustomed to:

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Gabriella Brei tears it up on iTunes

Australian artist Gabriella Brei peaked at #2 on the inspirational iTunes charts.

Gabriella-Brei01 It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for praise & worship artist Gabriella Brei. Her latest single, If I Had Another Day reached #2 on the iTunes inspirational charts and is still sitting in the top 10.

The song is smooth with some powerful melodies. Gabriella’s voice dances over the track and it is clear why she is a star in the making.

Check out the song on our playlist, and if you love it – grab it on iTunes!