Saving Grace release new single “Recidivist”

Saving-Grace01New Zealand hardcore band Saving Grace have released a new single on Facedown Records called RecidivistThe song stays true to what we have come to expect from the Kiwi band, with a heavy, crunching guitars, deep guttural vocals and a varied beat throughout the song.

The song has already reached #1 on the New Zealand iTunes metal charts after debuting on popular metal blog Lambgoat and is sitting at #50 in the Australian version, showing a strong following from the metal community. The new album will be entitled Into Hell and is expected to be released in 2017.

Perhaps the most surprising element of this song is the confronting video clip, which we’re not embedding, because of some of content but you are free to view here. With their anti-drug and “straight edge” stance fairly well known, it is clear that Saving Grace are trying to send a message with the clip, but with very strong imagery, it’s not surprising that there has already been some backlash on their Facebook page.

You can hear the song for yourself below on Spotify, or you can jump onto iTunes and grab a copy for yourself now.